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          "Been around the world, don’t speak the language—but your
             booty don’t need explainin’. All I really need to understand
             is when you talk dirty to me~”

for fucking real though what the hell happened to mohawk guy and renji


"Is that so? Perhaps I overestimated your ability to comprehend, Abarai. Were you the slightest bit intelligent, you’d have realized how utterly foolish those words would sound— before they had a chance to escape your mouth.”


Gazing upon the male as though a stare could add further emphasis - reflective lenses gleam. Taking the moment in which he too, should pause, the teenager then adjusts that which rests upon the bridge of his nose; lingering, if only for a moment.

Honestly, "I assure you, being a Quincy is most certainly nothing to get bored of.”


          "Stop callin’ me stupid, Ishida. I was
             just askin’.”

It would be easy to just turn around and walk away, to go defeat
the Hollow himself and leave Ishida to his blatant insults and his
plethora of sewing projects, and Renji does, indeed, entertain
that possibility for a few seconds. He’d need a running start,
though, and he doesn’t want the Quincy to think he’s fleeing from
this conversation.

          "Seems pretty terrible to me. Lots a’ rules, not a
             lot of rewards.”

This conversation is wasting precious time, though, so he turns
and begins to walk in the direction the spiritual energy originates
from, not checking to see if Ishida follows. He’s sure the Quincy
wants to see that Hollow gone just as much as he does.



Now I couldn’t
possibly disagree with you on that fact.
All too well did she know how killing affected
anyone whose innocence was beyond them.
Not only was it adrenaline that surfaced, but
the sheer euphoria in witnessing life slipping
from the eyes of living being. The power that
is manifested having control over a living
essence beneath your finger. Oh, she knew it.
Shoulders lifted in a shrug at the inquiry.

             ❝Enjoying the show. Danger never deemed to
                 be much of an issue for me. I’m capable of
                 handling any obstacle that gets in my way.


Her answer did nothing but make him more on edge; the
adrenaline adrenaline was starting to wear off and it was
making him twitchy, exhaustion settling deep into his
muscles and bones as he remained still. It might lessen
if he stretched, but he wasn’t going to let his guard down
anytime soon—not while the woman remained so close

          "I wasn’t tryin’ to provide a show for ya’.
             How’d you get back here without me,
             or anyone else, knowin’?”